Sprucing Up the Place for Cheap

Sprucing Up Your Space For Cheap

With spring right around the corner, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got the itch to redecorate a room or a space in your house. Maybe it’s as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint onto the walls or adding new accessories that will give the room a pop of color. No matter what type of changes you decide to make, know that it doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, giving your home a facelift does not have to be expensive – there are plenty of things you can do so that a space in your home is left looking refreshed and full of life! Here are some ways you might be able to make those updates to your home without taking a deep dive into your wallet.

Play with Pillows

Pillows can add just the right amount of color to a room, can be changed with the season or suit the latest design trends. While buying new throw pillows can get expensive, using pillow covers is a great alternative. Use pillow forms or pillows from your local thrift store and cover them with bright and fun pillow covers. You can usually find them at many home stores or even online, and usually for pretty cheap.

Frames, Frames, Frames

Who doesn’t love putting pretty pictures in frames? Spruce up your wall d├ęcor by collecting frames from the thrift store to design a gallery wall. Spray painting mismatched frames will create a cohesive look that is both interesting and unique. Fill the frames with black and white family photos or even various pieces of scrapbook paper for a fresh feel.

Change the Curtains

This one might sound like a no-brainer but it’s a great way to change the feel of a room. You can almost also find curtain panels for cheap at home stores or use your own material from a fabric store. You may also want to consider steering away from traditional curtain fabric and looking into alternatives such as burlap or drop cloths from your local hardware store. You don’t even have to replace the curtains to make the change. Use ribbon or curtain holders to tie them back, changing the feel of the curtain and allowing more light into your room.

There are plenty of options to modernize your space. Explore and see how creative you can be!