Creative Ways to Use Spray Paint

Creative Ways to Use Spray Paint
If you’re anything like me, you love when you can add or change something in your house. One of my favorite tools to make that change is a can of spray paint. There are so many things you can do with spray paint. In fact, we might be here until next year if I ramble about the uses of spray paint. I like to repurpose and refurbish things I find at the thrift store. Not only do you find some real hidden gems thrifting, it’s guaranteed not to break the bank. The dollar store is another place I can find things for cheap that I can repurpose and refurbish. Below I will share my favorite repurposing projects. I hope it inspires you!

DIY Silver and Gold Magnets

This project is so easy I’m certain you will wonder why you haven’t done this already. Grab a bag of plastic alphabet letters that you would throw on your fridge for the kiddos. Slap a coat of silver or gold spray paint on them and voila! This project could not be easier.

Picture Frames

Picture frames are another great item for spray paint. There is no easier way to make a mismatched gallery wall cohesive than with spray paint. Go to your local thrift store or dollar store and you can score some really unique and vintage frames for cheap. You can spray these a funky color or keep them really simple with a classic white spray paint. The frames will flow together and it will give a completely fresh look to your space.

Accessorize It

One of my favorite ways to use spray paint is on small accessories. You can almost always find something in the thrift store that meets this criteria. The beauty of thrifting random accessories at the thrift store is none of it has to match. Just look for stuff that has great shape. Again, a classic white works great with random pieces from the thrift store. Vases and candle sticks are two great accessories here.

These were some of my favorite uses for spray paint. Like I said, if I listed all the uses, we would be here until next year. What are some of your favorite uses for spray paint?